Sleep Apnea Screening and Dental Services

We are now introducing sleep screening with the Ares Watermark, an eight channel sleep study device. This study allows us to accurately screen patients whom we suspect to have sleep disordered breathing. We screen every patient for airway issues with special attention to health issues that might indicate sleep disordered breathing: a small airway, tonsillar hypertrophy, hypertension, type II diabetes mellitus, bruxism, gastroesophageal reflux disease, depression, etc. We offer home sleep studies to patients in need of further intervention concerning possible sleep disordered breathing.

Our oral appliances are created using the Eccovision pharyngometer and rhinometer in order to exactly fabricate an oral appliance using mandibular repositioning to assure airway patency during sleep.

We would love to schedule you in for a sleep consultation to discuss your overall health in further details.